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I request a list containing student recruiting information for students enrolled at Arapahoe Community College, pursuant to the Solomon Amendment (1996).  Under this federal law, colleges receiving certain federal agency funding must fulfill military recruitment requests for access to their campus(es) and for lists containing "student recruiting information."

"Student recruiting information" is usually defined as a current student's name, major, address, telephone number, student e-mail address, and age (year of birth); it does not include other demographic information, Social Security Numbers, grades/GPA, student loan information, veteran status, or students no longer enrolled (drop-out or stop-out).  If you need more information please state below.

I represent that this information is to be used for military recruiting purposes only.  I acknowledge that the information I am requesting is confidential and cannot be released to anyone outside my organization.  I understand that under FERPA, I must destroy the data once it has been used.  Please note that U.S. Armed Forces- Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force (including National Guard and Reserves)- are entitled to student recruiting information once every semester or term.

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